Chris – Auckland

I would just like to say thank you for your help in regards to giving up smoking. To give you a bit of background, in the six months prior to coming to your meeting I had been through a break up of a long term relationship, found out that my beloved Nana was on her deathbed, watched my mother hopefully successfully fight cancer, seen my twelve year old daughter move to Australia and was due for my check up as I suffer a chronic kidney disease which I have monitored constantly and not least of all four weeks before coming to see you suffered a complete meltdown which had me put on anti-depressants and sleeping pills. So, not a great time to give up a supposed crutch. Even my psychologist said maybe it was not a good idea to give up so soon after so many other things going on (makes me wonder if he is a smoker haha). But I was on a mission to make myself a better person and one of the things I was determined to do was stop smoking. Smoking made no sense to me—everything about it disgusted me; the butts on the ground, the bad breath, when I was smoking people who smoked around me annoyed me. , I couldn’t actually understand seeing other people smoking in some places, like outside hospitals which always made me laugh inappropriately. But the point of this email is the revelation, which I hope you give to many more people. It has been six weeks since I became a non-smoker again. The funny thing I found was I stopped counting how long since the day or even what day it was. People ask how long and I say “not sure actually, don’t really look at that anymore I just am a non-smoker.” Anyway the revelation, Yesterday was a bad day for me; more bad news about family and other things. I went to get a friend for a coffee, she happens to be a smoker and during coffee she offered me a smoke, for an instant I thought how easy it would be to have one, but in that same instant I saw the life I had as a smoker and the life I would have as a non-smoker and I said, “No, I don’t smoke.” Her reply was, “Good on you” Hallelujah.” And guess what I said, I said my favourite one of your mantras, “Yippee I am a non-smoker.” But it wasn’t until later that night after a run—I was stretching with a friend and just blurted out, “I have had the revelation.” She was like, “What are you on about?” and I explained the revelation. So, thank you and I wish you all the success in the world and I have recommended you already to many friends—not in an, “I am judging you smoker way,” but in a, “this is what worked for me,” way after they have asked. All the best,