Allen Carr's Easyway Reviews

Fatima Ferizovic- Agovic

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I finished the book yesterday and am now a NON SMOKER! Cant believe it! Amazing! What a genius allen carr is!


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I quit when I got pregnant by reading Allen Carr’s Easyway to Stop Smoking. That really worked for me. (And now) Willow makes me not want to (smoke). And besides,… Read more “Pink”

Amy Shiell

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It truly Works! I was sceptical but it will change your life forever!

Sir Richard Branson

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His method is absolutely unique, removing the dependence on cigarettes, while you are actually smoking. I’m pleased to say it has worked for many of my friends and my staff.… Read more “Sir Richard Branson”


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I’m still going strong and I had realised that I’d been off them for a year. To me it’s not so much about the money (although it is good to… Read more “Chris”

Damian Hibbert

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Have my own business, 3 young boys, busy life and always believing I needed to smoke to help control my stress. Did the course recently, went in a pack a… Read more “Damian Hibbert”

Ashton Kutcher

Actor Ashton Kutcher.

Ashton Kutcher joins the long list of celebrities who’ve found it easy to quit smoking using Allen Carr’s Easyway. “I haven’t smoked since”. Hear Ashton talk about it with Jay… Read more “Ashton Kutcher”

Vanessa De Sousa

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EVERYONE. PLEASE. Trust me when I say, this is THE way to stop smoking!! Literally, I cannot stress this any more! I was a moderate-heavy smoker and my girlfriend a… Read more “Vanessa De Sousa”

Kim Greeve

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I have tried many different ways over many years and the Allen Carr’s Easyway to Stop Smoking has made this attempt successful and painless. It has reinforced that smoking is… Read more “Kim Greeve”

Michelle Prendergast

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Many apologies for not posting earlier. I have sincerely forgotten that I was ever a smoker, the moment I left your course. I have now surpassed my 6 month anniversary… Read more “Michelle Prendergast”

Jason Hoopert

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A very close friend gave me a book and said if your serious about giving up. She was a nonsmoker but had been told by others that this book really… Read more “Jason Hoopert”

Roger Rao

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Easy instructions, and pleasant presentation. Been a smoker for 34 years, and managed to stop with his program. Highly recommend.