Money Back Guarantee

3 month period

No risk

Unique genuine guarantee

Simple terms and conditions

The reason we offer a money back guarantee is so that you can try our approach without financial risk. We are unique amongst established cessation services in offering this kind of guarantee.

Less than 10% of our clients make a claim but as long as you complete the programme as specified in our terms below, we will be more than happy to refund your fee.

Success, or your money back

If you genuinely want to stop smoking, vaping or drinking alcohol our method will not only enable you to do so but will also make it relatively easy. If you follow the instructions, you will not only become a happy non-smoker/drinker but will find the withdrawal period painless and most important of all, you will not miss it.

Most clients require just one seminar to get free; in certain cases, however, more than one seminar is required. In this event there is no extra charge, the initial fee covers all seminars.

The terms of the guarantee

If within 3 months from the date of your first seminar you are still smoking, vaping or drinking alcohol and decide not to stop, your fee will be refunded in full without inquisition. Your word will be taken on trust. However, we would request you on your part to be genuine in your desire to stop.

This guarantee will be invalidated in any of the following events:

(1) That you cancel, postpone or fail to attend any seminar or arrive over fifteen minutes late for any seminar.

(2) That you fail to attend at least two free back-up seminars within three months of the date of your first seminar (the second and third seminars are not a repeat of the first seminar and last approximately 2 –4 hours each)

Should you stop smoking, vaping or drinking alcohol  for 3 months or longer but start again at a later date, you may attend any number of back-up seminars on payment of half the standard fee. However, once you have not attended a full first seminar in the preceding 12 months you would need to attend the first seminar again, the standard fee will be payable and the guarantee will apply.

Please note that follow-up seminars are only available online which requires a webcam, headphones, a laptop or tablet device and a strong internet connection.

Seminar program full terms and conditions.

I went to the seminar very sceptical that it would work, I also kind of didn’t want it to work because I was afraid I would miss smoking as I believed I thoroughly enjoyed it. I left the seminar a non smoker and felt ‘back to normal,’ the seminar had rewired how I saw smoking.

Rachel Wallace

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