1. It was originally because of health concerns that I decided to go to Easyway – and I’m glad. My health has improved significantly. I can now powerwalk without getting breathless and have taken up yoga. 2. I had a big issue with the smell of smoke on my hands and clothing at work and washed my hands every time I had a smoke. Don’t have to do that anymore !! I also washed my hair every day because of the smoke smell and now don’t have to. It took a while to get out of the habit though. 3. Not enough time in the day ……. with not going outside every hour or so, and not washing my hands each time, not going to the shop for smokes every day, I think I’ve saved quite a lot of time. 4. AND… because I’m not going to the shop for smokes every day, I’ve saved heaps more money by not buying things I really don’t need.. like the chocolate bar and soft drink, magazine or newspaper etc etc. 5. My skin and eyes have noticeably improved – both appear clearer and less wrinkly, I look healthier, – these are comments from others. (wow) 6. I actually felt deprived of a ciggie when my friends were still smoking and I wasn’t. Now I’ve seen the angst they are still going through, I definitely don’t feel deprived. 7. I am happier visiting the grandchildren and not sneaking outside for a quick ciggie….. Ohhhhh – the freedom !!! I now know just how enslaved I was. Thanks Dianne – I have happily recommended Easyway to some family members and am waiting for them to make the committment. I does get easier.