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Vanessa De Sousa

EVERYONE. PLEASE. Trust me when I say, this is THE way to stop smoking!! Literally, I cannot stress this any more! I was a moderate-heavy smoker and my girlfriend a social smoker only; we both read the book and haven’t touched a cigarette since!!! Don’t even THINK about it.I smoked “full time” for 15 years and never thought I’d actually quit. I worried about it, but not enough to do anything about it. I was scared of failing!! I “liked” smoking and LOVED that fag after dinner!!I did fail the first time… and that’s okay. I read it again and BOOM! Done. Don’t ever think about it. Not even when I’m partying/drunk!Cannot believe the governments don’t acknowledge, promote or advertise this method because it can’t be “tested”. I’m telling you, the 90+% of people who have quit from simply READING A BOOK, should be enough to at least give it a go and stop wasting a bunch of money on crap that doesn’t work/just keeps feeding the body nicotine.Please please please, give it a read or go to the face to face workshops! Trust me, you will kick yourself for not doing it sooner!