Daniel & Melissa

The method you use is truly unique and really works. This time has been completely different to all our previous attempts to abstain. Previously, we always viewed making it to one day, three days, one week etc. as milestones. This time we haven’t really even thought about time at all, and only realised on the 25th that it had actually been a month since we did the course. Our mind-set is not, “I have been one month without a cigarette”, but rather, “I am a non-smoker.” We were in Queenstown the weekend just gone, and were having a couple of drinks in a bar before dinner. When we left, it was dark and freezing outside, but there were two or three groups sitting around braving the cold. Both our first thoughts were, “Why on earth were these people sitting outside freezing?” The fact they were smokers was a complete afterthought! Maybe that was the moment of release you talk about?!?