Katie – Auckland

I’m over two years happily smoke free thanks to Allen Carr’s Easyway NZ seminars. When you’re trapped in that nicotine cycle you really do believe there’s no way you can live your life without those little sticks, but the truth is life is so much better without them. From the little things, like the smell of your clothes, not having to go out in the rain, cold, wind, not having to leave the dinner party and feel like an outcast; to the bigger things, like your health, your finances, your energy levels, not being able to talk to people for fear of your breath stinking. Smoking is way more stressful than you realise when you’re a smoker. It’s only when you can see through the smoke that you realise, life is easier without cigarettes! My biggest relief as a non-smoker is not having to pollute my time and my beautiful country/world with having to smoke and then dispose of the gross ciggie butts! Imagine walking the Inca Trail but first needing to stop to fix up ya craving and then not having anywhere to dispose of the butt-yuck! I only wish all smokers could realise that it’s not only easy to stop, but it makes life so much more pleasurable.