Deb Kinder, Allen Carr facilitator

Deb Kinder - Quit Smoking Facilitator

I started stealing sneaky ciggys from my parents at age seven.

Yes, I know, 7 years old. Shocking but true.

I can remember my parents telling me not to take up smoking as they were puff puffing away.

I remember being the cool kid that got to hang out with the big kids only because I could always get my hands on cigarettes.

Twenty-one years ago now, I was pregnant with my first baby. This was my first attempt to stop smoking after having smoked for thirteen years.

As you can probably guess, I didn’t manage to stop smoking but I did manage to have a mental fight with myself every time I lit one. The war that went on in my head was horrid. Every part of me knew I shouldn’t be smoking while I was pregnant but I just couldn’t stop.

Every time I tried to give up I was an emotional yo-yo. I was just so angry and stressed – and you can ask anyone who was around me at those times – they’ll tell you I was crazy, and when it would become too much and I lit one up, I just felt so guilty.

But, I continued to smoke, through two more pregnancies and so, soo many failed attempts to stop.

I buried both my parents aged 56 and 57 due to cancer and yet, I still smoked. In fact, I was smoking at the hospital while I was with them in their final days.
How was that not enough to make me stop?

I had tried every method known to mankind to stop smoking, in fact I had tried them all twice. Zyban twice. Champix twice. Hypnotism twice.

I’ve lost count of the times I tried nicotine replacement.

In fact it had become a huge joke to all my friends. Any time I said “I am going to quit smoking” it would be followed with laughter and an “I am sure you are”.
Now don’t get me wrong, my friends were 100% supportive of my attempts to stop smoking – well for the first 30 or 40 times anyway.

I’d heard of this amazing book that was helping so many people to stop called ‘Allen Carr’s Easyway to stop smoking’. I got it from the library and began to read.

I actually read it a few times and knew that it was exactly what I needed, but for some reason it still wasn’t enough for me.

I read the details for the ‘Easyway clinics’ in the back of the book and booked myself in and booked a flight to Auckland.

I had exhausted all other avenues and this was my final chance. I knew before we even went to the clinic that this was it, I was going to stop but I did not think it was going to be that easy. It was crazy. I left that day as a happy non smoker!
How could it have been so hard trying to quit for 17 years then be so easy and pain free after the clinic?
I just couldn’t explain it, not even to myself.

That is my story of how I got to be here, doing something I love and helping as many people as possible. I thought that the day I attended the Easyway clinic would be the best day of my life regarding smoking. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

I get that same elated feeling every time I show someone else how to painlessly get free.

I get that same feeling listening to them tell me how this has changed their lives and how happy they are.

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