Oliver Lewis, Alcohol Facilitator

Oliver Lewis – Stop Drinking Facilitator

Quit alcohol 2005

Discovering Easyway was a major catalyst in my life.

I’d been a heavy smoker and drinker since I was a teenager. My whole life revolved around the pub, and getting drunk was the norm.

I drank through university, through my early career, through every major event of my life.

Socialising and boozing were one and the same – my life was drenched in the stuff. It was only when I tried to cut back, that I realised I had a problem.

I tried everything to stop, from counselling to medication to hypnotherapy, but nothing worked. Then a friend told me about Easyway and I attended the smoking clinic.

It was a revelation, for the first time in my life I’d found a process that actually worked, and it didn’t even require willpower! I knew I’d found the key to escaping my addiction, and a few years later I attended an Easyway alcohol clinic.

That was 13 years ago and I’ve never touched a drop since. More importantly, I’ve never felt the need or desire to drink, quite the opposite in fact; I just wish I’d done it sooner.

After my success in quitting, I was so passionate about the method that I decided to join the team myself. I now enjoy helping others overcome their addictions.

It’s easy, immediate and permanent. Book today, you’ve got nothing to lose!